What Are The Other Beneficial Effects of ROPEX®

In addition to the marked sexual benefits of ROPEX®, numerous studies have shown it to help promote a healthy prostate. Additionally, ROPEX® contains a myriad of micronutrients to include all essential amino acids vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids, enzymes, phytosetrols, antioxidants and much more. This extensive micronutrient profile has lead researchers to classify ROPEX® a "supernutrient" which should be taken daily for the maintenance of good health, vitality and a strong reproductive system.

What Are The Ropes?

The "ropes" is a term coined in France several decades ago as "les lianes". It simply describes the appearance of streaming ejaculate. ROPEX┬« is associated with this effect due to the intensification of ejaculate contractions and semen volume. ROPEX® is known as "The Original Swedish Ropes Formula".

When Can Results Be Expected?

As with most nutrients, a period of time is required before results can occur. Although some men report seeing dramatic results within 3 days, results should normally be noticed within a 7 - 10 day period. Some men may experience consistent results over periods of months when used as a daily supplement.*

How Does ROPEX® Compare to Other Similar Products

ROPEX® contains Pollixol™ a natural botanical seed extract developed in Sweden. Since the introduction of ROPEX® in the US, similar products which claim to offer ROPEX'S® benefits have come onto the market. Most of these products contain unproven common herbs.

Is ROPEX® Safe?

ROPEX® is a pharmaceutical-grade concentrated extract from pure botanical seed. It is safe, allergen-free and stimulant free with no side effects. ROPEX® does not cause drug interactions. Men with vasectomies can also benefit from ROPEX®.

Quality Assurance (QAQC)
ROPEX® is manufactured under MetaPure pharmaceutical-grade conditions pursuant to strict Quality Assurance/Quality Control (QAQC) methods to insure consistent potencies of its micronutrients. Every ROPEX® bottle bears the MetaPure quality assurance mark.
ROPEX® is 100% natural and completely safe, made from organically grown Secalecereale, Phleumpratence and Zeamays pure botanical seed extract using our patented extraction method.

ROPEX® is manufactured under strict pharmaceutical ISO 9002 standards to assure quality and potency. ROPEX's® principal ingredient Pollixol™ has been extensively researched for its health benefits including those of the reproductive system:

Amounts Per Serving

ROPEX® is a result-driven product. Each bottle contains 90 tablets, offering 930 mg of Pollixol™ per serving (3 tablets) for unparalleled results, more than double the amount of botanical seed extract offered by other products. There is no need to add other vitamins as they do not improve results.

Customer Privacy

All orders are packaged discreetly and all information regarding orders are kept strictly confidential and will never be sold to other companies.

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